BoxyMo – Rewarding Better Driving

BoxyMo is Ireland’s first telematics dedicated insurer. This new concept is simple, we fit a telematics device, known as “BoxyMo” to your car. BoxyMo will then tell us how you drive and how far you drive. In addition to this “BoxyMo” will show you each month how to improve your driving and reduce your insurance costs.

It is our goal to bring cheaper insurance to Ireland’s younger drivers by rewarding those that drive safely. We reward safe driving with extra “Kilometres” each month and a cheaper premium at renewal.

In traditional car insurance, it uses factors such as age, location, and type of car etc to calculate the premium. Other than previous accidents or driving offences, the premiums do not really reflect how you drive, so, whether you are a safe driver who has a low annual mileage or a ‘boy racer’ who is never off the road, if the traditional rating factors are the same you will be paying the same premium. Typically, an insurer is anticipating a driving experience based on generally higher than average claims made by younger drivers. BoxyMo has used its expertise to assess how younger drivers, particularly those who do a low annual mileage, may save significantly on their young driver car insurance by having BoxyMo fitted to their car.

By having BoxyMo fitted to your car you will have your individual driving style assessed and so, if you are a good driver, you will no longer be subsidising the bad drivers.

While in BoxyMo Insurance, when you purchase a BoxyMo policy you choose how many “Policy Kilometres” you require for the year. With BoxyMo if you drive safely each month you can earn up to a maximum of 300 Km’s per month.

If you require more Kilometres than the total of your “Policy Kilometres” and “Reward Kilometres”, you can purchase “Top-Up Kilometres” in bundles of 400, 800 and 1500. You can see the cost per kilometer on MyBoxyMo.


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