Dont Judge Hedgehog By Its Spines!

Few knows that the name of a baby hedgehog is a hoglet. All hedgies in fact have poor eyesight, but excellent senses of smell and hearing. And they  has around 5,000 spines — each of which lasts about a year. 

There is a story about a hedgeis anyway. Once upon a time, in the most extreme snow season in Canada, many animals died from extreme cold. In an area, there is a group of Hedgehogs (a kind of hedgehog). They decided to stay in groups in a cave, to keep warm. They get closer to each other. But when they got close together, their thorns wounded their closest friends.

After a while, they decided to keep their distance from each other. As a result, they begin to feel the cold that froze, and eventually threatened to die. So they must decide: accept the thorns of their friends, or die!

Wisely, they decided to re-unite. They learn to live with small wounds from close proximity to their friends in order to feel the warmth. This is how they survived and survived.

Message this story:
The best relationship in life is not the relationship that brings perfect people in the group. But when all individuals learn to live with the imperfections of others, and are able to “appreciate” all the warmth given by their friends. This is what makes our lives more “living” (meaningful) & “able to survive” in extreme situations or environments.


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