Duck Tales 2017: Reboot The Classical Story of Scrooge McDuck!

Duck Tales 2017 – I love Donald Duck series since I was a kid. Back then, every Tuesday before I was going to school, I always wait for Donald Duck magazine that delivered to my house around seven o’clock. At that time the price is very cheap, only Rp. 900 rupiah. Around 50 cent maybe. Well, thats a very cheap price at a time.

While the disney animated series is very rare. Even if there is, the duration is too short. For a Donald Duck movie for example, its only 3-4 minutes. So, when I found a long duration of duck-family animated movie, that was a treasure to me. That is when I found Duck Tales. At that time, again, I need to rent a Sony Betamax cassette, youll know what I mean if you already born that time.

Anyway, The adventure of Scrooge’s McDuck (aka Paman Gober in Indonesia version) in an adventure of duck familiy to search of treasures around the world. You can imagine this like a Indiana Jones, well in duck version.

The first and memorable of Duck Tales¬†is the “Woo-hoo!” part.

The main character, Uncle Scrooge himself also very interesting to follow. While in the comic we only see him as a greedy maniac of money, in Duck Tales we will see a different side of ¬†Uncle Scrooge as a Indiana Jones at his time. Even Disney released the book of Uncle Scrooge’s Life Stories (The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck) to reveal all the history and past of this grand-duck hero.

Duck Tales 2017

When I hear that Duck Tales will be rebooted, I’m instantly anxious as well as enthusiastic! The memory of the old version of Duck Tales is too strong in the mind. There is some kind of auto-resistance if the “old gold works” are need to be rebooted. But I remember one thing, that a legendary IP could just be called ‘legendary’ if it could be republished.

There a lot example around that statement.

Superman, Batman, Hulk, Captain America and heroes DC and Marvel also through the same process, isnt it? They are rebooted according to conditions and times. Not just let the present moment. But in order for a new generation of audiences, who live in different times, to enjoy the legendary “character” without having to feel the old atmosphere. And I think that’s what Duck Tales is trying to do.

But does this Reboot work?

Lets see the comparison above.

In the old version of the Duck Tales movie, the drawing process uses a pencil manually so the results seem more supple. Especially at the tip of the beak, and fingers. While in the new version, the scratches tend to be more rigid and perpendicular. There are two possibilities, in my opinion. First, character portrayal is done digitally, or the style artist does have a very american feel. This drawing technique is commonly used in American cartoons such as Ben 10, Power Puff Girls, Batman The Animated etc.

Anyway, the style is not for me, but I think it is just great to hit the next generation audience.

And what about the soundtrack? Again, I think the new soundtrack is superb as the original!

As a reboot, Duck Tales performs a pretty wise move (rather than subduing fans) while retaining the old version’s lyrics and just changing the music. I love the new arransemen. The atmosphere feels more crisp and cheerful. Suitable for adventure theme. But on the other hand, Woo-Hoo’s voice is less tasteful.

And for the final, the trailer teaser is also cool! Awesome! Make me curious! I cant wait for Pilot Episode! How do you think?


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