Enko Running Shoes – Enhance Your Training Session!

Christian FRESCHI, designer and developer of Enko Running Shoes, is first and foremost a passionate runner who has always run both competitively and for pleasure.

He has spent 12 years developing this running shoe, and over those years has poured his genius into making and testing dozens of prototypes, resulting today in a running shoe that is perfect and is protected by international patents.

Enko was founded in the south of France, in the heart of a nature reserve. The shoe was fully designed and engineered in France, using our high-performance engineering facilities.

Production is divided between France and Italy:
we make the mechanical component and the sole in our workshops in the south of France, while the shoe itself is made in northern Italy.


Enko gives you unique shock absorption that no other shoe can. Impact is deadened, your stride is smooth and the sensation is like never before.

To optimise this revolutionary system of shock absorption, your shoe is delivered to you with shock absorbers that are adapted to your weight, guaranteeing you record-beating comfort that is far superior to that of any other shoe.

Your joints will thank you.


Enko is a revolutionary running shoe which, with its two shock absorbers, conserves all the energy stored in each stride. With a normal shoe, when your foot touches the ground, the energy is dissipated and completely lost.

By contrast, ENKO stores up the energy and gives it back when you lift your heel off the ground again.

Your running becomes extremely efficient.


  • Enko running shoe protects your body with a unique cushioning system. The shoe stores and returns energy like no other shoe can do today.
  • It is the only shoe in the world that adapt to the weight of the runner: the springs are interchangeable.
  • It optimizes your stride and reduce fatigue.
  • The objective of Enko is to protect the health of runners: the shoes have been designed to prevent injury.
  • The patented sole fits all types of strides: neutral, pronator and supinator.
  • With one click you can go from the walking to running position. The walk position allows you to wear the shoes for all your usual activities. In the run position, your Enko shoes provide exceptional performance for running.
  • The studs are interchangeable, which extends the life of your shoes.
  • The springs have a life guarantee of more than one million cycles. The cushioning never degrades, unlike with traditional shoes.
  • In summary, they give pleasure while preserving your health.



The CES Innovation Awards distinguished this shoe «which gives you wings» on November 10th in New York amongst 3000 candidates, allowing Enko to enter the worlds top 30 best Start-ups. ENKO will be present at the CES in Las Vegas, from January 6th to 9th 2016.


The Enko running shoes received the Label “L’Observeur du design 2016”. L’observeur du design is an international design award that identifies and rewards each year the most innovative achievements in terms of design and innovation.


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